The Benefits of Selling Your House To Cash Buyers

The Benefits of Selling Your House To Cash Buyers


Selling your house is regularly ranked as one of life’s most stressful experiences.

With costly Estate agents’ fees, preparing your house for sale and having those all-important photographs taken, it’s not surprising that the thought of moving fills many homeowners with dread. Increasingly, individuals looking for quick sales are resorting to cash buyers to help alleviate some of the strain. Below are some of the reasons why!


  • To Sell Quickly

    Selling your house through traditional media



    Selling your house the traditional way is littered with variables which can all add weeks or months to the time taken to sell the property. Waiting for a buyer who is prepared to pay the right amount takes time in itself. Then there is the survey, mortgage, and a potentially lengthy chain of buyers and sellers to worry about.

    Finding a Cash buyer means there will be no chain involved, no mortgage offers to throw a spanner in the works, and it can be possible to complete a sale within seven days. A great option if you need the Cash urgently!

  • Quick Completion

    Quick cash sale of your property

    Quick cash sales mean the money could be in your bank account in less than a week, making it an appealing option for anyone suffering financial difficulty. Freeing up the cash can give you the funds to pay off any missed repayments and can help you become more financially stable.

  • Avoid Repossession
    Avoid Repossession of your Property

    Recently, the difficult economic climate has resulted in Repossessions becoming far more common. Losing your home is devastating enough, but repossession can also result in hefty legal fees and court costs, and the bank is likely to sell at a reduced price in order to recoup as much of their money as possible.In short, repossession can end up costing you dearly. If you find yourself in this situation, a quick cash sale of your property could raise enough funds to help keep you afloat.

  • Selling Damaged Property

    Selling a Damaged Property

    Many buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the property if they are to make a competitive offer, so selling property which is in a state of disrepair, or has been scarred with fire or flood damage can be difficult.Cash buyers will not need to worry about securing a mortgage, so they can often be the best option if you are looking to sell a damaged or rundown property.

  • Inherited Property
    Sell Inherited Property in UK - Saleswift Home buyers

    Occasionally individuals may inherit a property from a relative and are suddenly burdened with two mortgages, and two houses to maintain. Putting the inherited property on the market is one option, but that comes with estate agent’s fees, the stress of showing viewers around the property, and of course it can take months to sell. If the strain of waiting for the inherited property to sell is too much for you, a cash buyer could be the lifeline you need.

    Whether you need a quick sale because you are emigrating, need the cash to keep your finances afloat, or if you have a difficult-to-sell damaged property, a quick cash sale could ease the strain you are under. Cash buyers can make the stress of selling a house a thing of the past!


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