Rent Out or Sell Your Home When Emigrating from UK? Expat Guide

Rent Out or Sell Your Home When Emigrating from UK



Are You Planning To Emigrate?

A survey by the Telegraph estimated that in 2014, 323,000 people left the UK for a better life abroad. If you’re considering starting again in another country, you’ve probably got a great reason to do so. 56% of all emigrants leave for a better job and the prospects it will offer. Others are joining family abroad, retiring to warmer weather, or just escaping the credit crunch. You’d be crazy to turn down the many opportunities awaiting you in another country, so why wait?

Perhaps you’ve got your visas in place and accommodation planned, and you’re wondering what to do with your home in the UK. Many people choose to rent their home out, which gives them a bit of security. The monthly rental income can be very useful, and if you’re not sure you’re going away forever, it’s a nice income, as long as your tenants are paying enough to cover your mortgage payments and letting agency fees, and you can be sure that they’ll leave your home in the condition in which you left it. That’s a pretty big risk though, and doesn’t leave you with that helpful lump sum which you’ll need to start again in another country.

But what if that invitation to your new life comes with a deadline? Your new boss wants you there much faster than you’d anticipated, your family need you to join them right away, or your children need to take up a place at a new school. You need to sell your house, and quickly. That’s where a home buying service can be a real help.

Forget calling three local estate agents, having your house valued, hiring a solicitor and waiting weeks, possibly even months, for your house to sell. Don’t even worry about paying estate agency fees, haggling over their commission or dealing with solicitors who never call you back but still demand a sizeable chunk of the profits from your home as payment. A home buying service won’t charge you a penny.

With zero fees due, and all your legal fees paid by the buyer, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Forget the myth that you’ll be paid much less than market value, too – a home buying service can pay up to 95% of the market value for your property. With a conventional sale, you’d be losing a significant chunk of value to pay for your solicitor and estate agent anyway, so a quick cash sale is a great solution for the motivated seller.

There’s absolutely no need to waste any more time getting started on your new life abroad. If your home is the only thing holding you back, you can sell your house fast through us and get started on that adventure you’ve been working so hard for. If you’ve had enough of the cold weather, dark nights and endless queues of the UK, let us help you. Get in touch today, and let us open the door to your new start abroad.