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The Benefits of Selling Your House To Cash Buyers

  Selling your house is regularly ranked as one of life’s most stressful experiences. With costly Estate agents’ fees, preparing your house for sale and having those all-important photographs taken, it’s not surprising that the thought of moving fills many homeowners with dread. Increasingly, individuals looking for quick sales are resorting to cash buyers to

The Right Solution For Your Big Tax Bill | Saleswift

Any self-employed person or business owner dreads a tax inspection, because any transgression can mean a massive bill. Many honest people have been driven into bankruptcy by a horrendous tax bill, which can mean losing their home, their livelihood and more. Let’s analyze the different methods people opt when they face a Big Tax Bill

Business Struggling? Sell Your House Confidentially

    Everybody hits tough times occasionally, and even the best property developers and business tycoons have a story about how they sailed so close to the wind that one small disaster would have tipped them over the edge into bankruptcy. When you’re fighting fires, though, the last thing you want is your neighbours gossiping

Why Motivated Sellers Should Seek Out Motivated Property Buyers

   If you have a property that has suffered some form of damage, or which    has outdated fixtures and fittings, you may find it difficult to sell. It can  be tempting to simply hand over the responsibility of selling the property  to an estate agent. But is this really the best solution?  Traditional sales

Rent Out or Sell Your Home When Emigrating from UK? Expat Guide

    Are You Planning To Emigrate? A survey by the Telegraph estimated that in 2014, 323,000 people left the UK for a better life abroad. If you’re considering starting again in another country, you’ve probably got a great reason to do so. 56% of all emigrants leave for a better job and the prospects

Money Advice: Best Way To Sort Out Money During Illness/ Disability

  If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that it’s never short of surprises. From unforeseen windfalls to unexpected ill health, the highs and the lows can creep up on us at a moment’s notice. If you’re suddenly faced with poor health, your existing way of life to which you’re accustomed may suddenly

What are the benefits of Private House Sales?

​Although private house sales are becoming more popular in the UK, lots of people still don’t know about the benefits of selling your house privately. So, to help you out, here’s four of the main benefits of conducting a private house sale: 1. They can help you Avoid Repossession If you’re faced with the prospect

Selling a Devalued or Undesirable Property

Everybody has dreams. Dreams of living in their own home, with financial security, peace of mind, peace and quiet, and maybe even early retirement. Very few of us are lucky enough to be able to achieve this at a young age; instead we have to slowly work our way towards our dreams, step by step,

Sell your property Fast… House, Flat, Apartment, Land or Other bought within days…GUARANTEED!

Selling your Property can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. With the rise of the ‘dreaded estate agent’ popping up on the corner of every block of every high street throughout the UK it is becoming more and more difficult to actually find a real property professional and true industry expert

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