Business Struggling? Sell Your House Confidentially



Business Struggling? Sell Your House ConfidentiallyEverybody hits tough times occasionally, and even the best property developers and business tycoons have a story about how they sailed so close to the wind that one small disaster would have tipped them over the edge into bankruptcy. When you’re fighting fires, though, the last thing you want is your neighbours gossiping about you.

“Elon Musk had his own staff writing cheques to the company at one stage in Space X and even Sir Alan Sugar has endured some painful disasters. Donald Trump didn’t even manage to stave off bankruptcy, so if you’re going through hard times in the business world then some great men, and women, have walked in your shoes.

If you have a property portfolio that your circle of friends knows all about, if they suddenly crop up in the estate agent’s window, or they pop up on Rightmove, your friends will put two and two together. We’d love to think our friends will rally round us in times of need and be a source of great support, but then we all secretly have our doubts about that, too.

But what if you could organise a confidential, quick and simple cash sale of one, some or an entire portfolio of properties? “If you go for a guaranteed sale then you can often slip completely under the radar and by the time your friends even wonder if there’s something going on, you’re back on top of the world.

It’s really not the case that you’ll give up a lot of money when you sell for cash, either, as most clients receive 85-95% of the market value of their home when they agree to sell privately with us. With a quick cash sale you can have the funds within days and that can be all it takes to keep the wolves from the door in the business world. Even if you do brave the gossip-mongers, it can take months or years to sell difficult properties on the open market and that might be time you just do not have.

If you’re a developer and the properties are midway through a renovation, it doesn’t matter. You can still organise a quick cash deal, sell in days and rearrange your financial affairs behind the scenes before embarking on your next ambitious project.

Sometimes every entrepreneur needs a little breathing space to analyse their business, make changes and go on to great success. To do that you sometimes need to sell a portfolio fast and put all your funds behind the next great idea that could change the world and make you rich.

You might even need to bite the bullet and sell your own home to keep the wheels of your business turning, but one day soon, like Musk and Sir Alan, you’ll be able to look back on the days you were close to disaster and managed to turn it all around with some quick thinking and a quick house sale.

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