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We can complete on your property at a time scale that is suited to your needs. Whether you need to complete in as little as 7 days or within our typical timeframe of 30 days or simply you require the guarantee of a CASH offer so that you can go out and make offers on your new property with confidence we can assist and will always meet any deadlines that you have.

Estate Agents

If you are one of the many few whom currently have your property advertised with an estate agent but are just not getting the results you require and now need a guaranteed cash buyer look no further. Even if you are still in contract with your estate agent do not disappear as we can still purchase your property and the best bit of all is that you do not have to worry about paying the agent a single penny, as if any fees need to be paid we will cover this in full.

Cash Advance

We are always trying to make things as easy as possible for our clients this is why as soon as a price has been agreed we can arrange for an immediate cash advance payment to you. Maybe you require some cash funds to put down as a deposit for a new house, or have some debts which you would like to clear early or just want some extra cash to spend prior to completion … whatever the reason a cash advance can be made instantly to you.

All Fees Paid

We charge Absolutely NO FEES for our service and in-fact go one step further and promise to cover your legal fees in full and also arrange a removal for you upon completion. *warning* We strongly advise you to avoid dealing with any cash buying company that charges any fees, as no genuine cash buyer should be charging you to purchase your property.

Guaranteed Completion

Once a price has been agreed to purchase your property you can truly consider it SOLD. Unlike other supposed cash buying companies we always guarantee our completion and stick to any agreed dates. Completion will only take place when you are happy and ready for it to so you can schedule as long or as little time as you require.

No 'For Sale Sign' boards

You can rest assured that we will manage your purchase private and confidentiality. We do not place any advertising boards outside your house, nor do we advertise your property in any papers on magazines only people whom you what to know about the sale will know a sale is even taking place.

Why we're better than the rest!

As one of the most established property acquisition companies in the UK you truly are in safe hands with us. Don’t just take our word for it read some of the customer reviews about our service we guarantee you that if anyone can complete on your property sale with no hassle, and no stress or fees it’s us!

You can rest assured that once a price is agreed for your house, land or property you can considered your property sold, funds will be allocated for your purchase and upon your acceptance of the offer we will be able to get solicitors instructed straight away. All offers are put in black and white and sent to you for you to review and sign which we are legally bound to honour.

*Unlike other cash buying companies we will never drop or change an agreed price at any time during the transaction.*

Once a price is agreed for your property we can arrange an immediate cash advance payment to you. This can be used for whatever you want...maybe you need to consolidate some debts, put down some cash for a deposit on a new property, buy a new car or go on holiday etc. Regardless of its purpose this can be arranged straight away and will be credited directly to your bank account...and the best bit of all is that there are no hidden fees or any interest to pay on this advance.

  • Instant cash for whatever you need
  • Paid prior to completion
  • No interest charged on the funds

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There is absolutely no charge for using our services and we even go one step further by covering your legal fees in full, and also offer to arrange a removal for you at no cost to you should a price be agreed for your property. No genuine property cash buying company should be charging you any fees to purchase your property, and if they do we strongly recommend that you reconsider using their services.

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What is a Guaranteed sale all about?

Sale Swift is one of the most established property acquisition companies in the UK and one of the few who can truly guarantee the sale of your house…fast!. We specialise in dealing with all types of situations especially delicate ones and will find a solution to your circumstance no matter how difficult or bad it may seem.

  • Trusted - Over 90% of our business is referral business from existing customers so clearly we must be doing something right!
  • Established - We have been in operation for the last decade and within this time we have managed to build one of the largest property networks within the UK, making sure that we are equipped to manage any situation we are faced with.
  • Professional - We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to help you with whatever your needs are. Once a price has been agreed you will be designated an expert case managers whom will work alongside you until completion

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Estate Agents
Looming Financial Difficulties An Estate agent cannot help you if you are facing financial difficulties, as they cannot guarantee that anyone will actually purchase your property. Even in the event that a buyer is found and you’re lucky even to get an offer at asking price this does not mean that your property is actually sold. Buying property has become increasingly more difficult we are hearing of more and more buyers being unable to get a mortgage, raise a full deposit and if your buyer happens to be in a chain you could be waiting a very long time to get your property sold. Speed Needed to Move on With an average time of 4- 6 months to sell a property & an estimated 20 viewings the estate agent is not a viable option if you genuinely require a quick property sale. Unfortunately estate agents cannot predict when or if your house will ever be sold, so relying on them can often leave you in trouble. Already on with an Agent Estate will want to ‘tie you in’ for as long as possible ideally on a sole agency agreement. We have seen instances where agents have signed sellers up for agreements in excess of 6 months with extortionate fees. Always carefully read over any agreement that you are asked to sign and be sure to look at the contract period and its expiry date. Once your agreement is expired you can legally dis instruct that agent. Also upon signing any agreement you will always have a 14 day cooling off period by British Law.
Other Cash Buyers
Looming Financial Difficulties It is vital that if you are facing financial issues that you deal with a reputable genuine cash buyer. You do not want to have your time wasted, and ultimately end up in an even worse position than when you began. One of the most common inquires that we receive come from individuals who have had bad experiences dealing with other 'supposed' cash buyers. Make sure you only deal with reputable property acquisition companies. Ask to see ‘proof of funds’ showing that they have funds to actually purchase your property and look for reviews of the company on sites other than their own. Speed Needed to Move on A genuine cash buyer should be able to complete on your property purchase within as little as 7 days. If the buyer is not able to reach this deadline the chances are they are not going to meet your deadlines and you may very well be waiting a while to get your purchase completed. Already on with an Agent Many cash buyers will often not agree to pay any fee other than the price which has been agreed to purchase your property. Which in some instances could leave you liable for thousands of pounds in fees in the event that the estate agents are legitimately owed a fee. This may consequently cause you to be pursued by debt collection agencies for these fees even after the purchase has been completed.
US (Sale Swift)
Looming Financial Difficulties We can have your purchase completed in as little as 7 days alleviating any stress that you may have. We can also provide you with an immediate cash advance to help consolidate any debts you may have, and via our solicitors we can also directly deal with any courts, or creditors that you may be dealing with getting the matter resolved quickly. We specialise in dealing with all types of situations especially delicate ones and will find a solution no matter how difficult or bad it may seem. Speed Needed to Move on No matter how quickly you need to get your purchase completed we can meet your deadlines. Typically our completion time is 30 days, however if required we can complete on your property in as little as 7 days. If you need more time to find a new home we will hold the price agreed until you are ready. Already on with an Agent Do not despair if your property is currently advertised via an estate agent as we can still complete on your purchase. Your sale to us is deemed as a private sale and the best bit of all is, you will not have to worry about paying the agent a single penny, as in the very unlucky case the agent is legitimately due a fee we will cover this in full... at no charge to you!

67% of people who use our service are NOT in financial difficulty!

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